John Rolf

In life, there can be defining moments when something happens for you that changes the way you move through this world. Kimberly Ann gave me such a moment when she helped me put down the anger I was holding in my heart and to discover the beauty of moving forward without it. Only then did I become a completely happy person with the ability to live my life to its fullest. Her gentle way of helping me come to this realization on my own made it all the more impactful. She truly has a gift for helping; for healing.

Belinda N.

Kimberly mentors you to find unconditional love, not only for others, but for yourself. She gently explains how everyday can be a new day, that you don’t need to live by the thoughts and memories that hold you captive mentally. Some of her theories are to reinvent yourself, find the good in every situation. The choices are yours….choose happiness! Because happiness rules.

Stanislav Tsiperson

How does one describe a spiritual being entering into their dark world at the most crucial time? An angel, a gift from God? I don’t know, there are not enough words to express the meaning and the place in my heart that this beautiful human being has: Kimberly is my spiritual sister, a person that helped me through my darkest moments and has been a part of my life ever since. I have come across many people in my life, but none as beautiful as her.

Kelley Stewart

During one of the most difficult and darkest of hours, a bright and radiating light came into my life. I was supported, encouraged, and uplifted -it was time for my dearest friend and mother to pass. Through words and gestures, understanding and life was brought to me. I was given tools not only to survive, but to see and think differently. Each day I continue on this journey. Thank you my dear friend Kimberly Ann.

David J. Kramer

Kimberly is a first class coach who really gets to, and understands the needs of each individual client. She offers a toolbox of solutions and engages others to use them in a very resourceful way. She really met me exactly where I am with my issues and helped me get to a higher and better place. Also, she has an inspiring attitude and she walks what she talks. My highest praises for Kimberly.

Brian C.

Kimberly Ann is both spiritual guide and a life coach one can connect with in the deepest ways. One who listens and understands my hardships from her own personnel experiences. One who will walk with you to the light but will never try to lead you there, it’s our path to find. Kimberly Ann, life coach and friend.